Q. What's the best size of the logo, for logo imprinting ?
Ans. 1/2" ~ 3/4" diameter.

In order to make a sharp logo imprinted on the round curved surface with dimples on it, 3/4" diameter logo will have the best result. The maximum size can go upto 1 1/16" but the result is not as good as 3/4" one.

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Some customer want to imprint their logo all the way around the golf balls, this kind of imprinting called "wrap imprinting". The wrap imprinting will have a different rate to count the imprinting charge depends on your logo's size, colors and art works. Send a sample of your logo to us, we will estimate the cost for you.

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We provide the high quality logo golf balls for your business, your customer or your personal memorial. We do logo imprinting for your golf balls at affordable cost.

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