UMX Purses and Handbags Making Supply: Stylish Purse Frame - Handbag Frame
For Hand-Crafted Handbags or Handmade Purses.
We have stylish purse frames made of metal available now. In the near future we will bring in more frames such as plastic, wooden or bamboo styles to help you to create the fashion purse business.
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Purse Frame Catalogue 1

Purse Frame HF-1441

Purse Frame HF-1616-G, Purse Frame HF-1616-N, Purse Frame HF-1616-BN, Purse Frame HF-1616-AB

Purse Frame - HF-6678

Purse Frame - HF-6679

Purse Frame - HF-6785

Over-All-View of Purse Frame HF8035 to HF8184

Main menu of HF8035 to HF8184

HF8035 HF8037 HF8038 HF8181 HF8184

Purse & Handbag Feet

Purse & Handbag Hooks

Magnetic Snaps Snap Buttons Rivets and Studs

Main menu - Handbag Fashion Handle Series

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